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crAzy kt

1984, afi, amy winfrey, anti-flag, applebees, big bunny films, billy joel, bisexuality, boondock saints, brian jacques, calculus, captain jack sparrow, catcher in the rye, cheese, chemistry, chips ahoy, chitra banerjee divakaruni, chocolate, coheed and cambria, converses, cuddling, d8, dan brown, death cab for cutie, donnie darko, dr. suess, dreaming, dyslexic monkeys, facebook, fall out boy, friends, getting letters, good riddance, good times, green day, gregory maguire, group hugs, harry potter, holden caufield, hoodies, hook, hot chocolate, hot showers, hugging, ice cream, jess the bestest, johnny depp, jurassic park, laughing uncontrollably, led zeppelin, less than jake, lily the wise, lord of the rings, losers, mad world, making fiends, marcy playground, memories, mists of avalon, monty python, muffinfilms, nalee the wise, nick!!!!!, nick's woodchuck stories, online journals, orson scott card, outlining, palmer, papa roach, photography, piano man, pictures, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys kissing, pretty girls kissing, pretty girls make graves, puppy!, queen, rancid, random hugs, reading, redwall, review books, rhcp, rilo kiley, sabotage!, safety pins, salad fingers, scorpions, scrap books, silent spring, slain july, sleeping, sleepovers, smashing pumpkins, smiley faces, snuggling, spontaneous hugs, studying, styx, sublime, supergoat, swimming, system of a down, taking back sunday, the grinch, the lorax, the postal service, the rocket summer, thunderstorms, tight pants, vegetarian chinese food, vegetarianism, wakefield, whiteout, wicked, writing letters